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During the medieval times, before the arrival of the Turks, the territory of today's Živinice was a part of Bosnian State, with the counties of Gostilj, Dramešin and Soli as independent political communities. As the urban settlement, Živinice was founded most probably in 18 century. However, the remains of the medieval forts such as "Gradina" in Nevrenča, "Grad Jasičak" above Bašigovaca, "Džebarska Gradina", "Grad-Čaršija" above Gornje Višće and remains of medieval gravestones (stećci), points to the fact that the first settlements date back to the past - first records on the gravestones date back to the first half of 16 century. There are three versions related to the origin of the name Živinice. In one of the versions, M. Hađijanić says: "I have found one Turkish document from 1764. in which Živinice is mentioned, literary in this way: Živinice called Uskopči, most probably (Oskovci) in Tuzla nahija (county)".


Geographical Settlement  [Top]
The municipality of Živinice is situated in the northeastern part of BiH. It covers the southern part of Tuzla Canton, streches over the valley of Spreča river and the slopes of Konjuh and Javornik mountains and southern slopes of Majevica mountain, at the mouth of Spreča, Gostelja and Oskova rivers.The municipality of Živinice covers the area of 291 km2 213 m above the sea level. It borders with Tuzla Municipality to the north, with Lukavac to the northwest, Kladanj to the south, Šekovići to the southeast and Kalesija to the east. Given the geographic position, it is the area of mild continental climate, with mildly cold winters and hot summers. The modern traffic communications run through the municipality: main road M-18 Sarajevo-Tuzla-Orašje, regional roads Banovići-Živinice-Zvornik R-469 and Lukavac-Živinice-Šekovići R-455a, and railroads Brčko-Banovići and Tuzla-Zvornik. The administrative center of Tuzla Canton, the city of Tuzla, is 17 km far from Živinice.


Infrastructure  [Top]
The most important road communications running through the Živinice municipality are: main road M-18 connecting Sarajevo and Orašje, and two regional roads: R455a "Lukavac-Šejkovići" and R469 "Ribnica - Međaš". Total length of main roads in Živinice is 19,3 km, and total length of regional roads is around 53 km. In addition to the a/m roads, the town with its suburbs has the network of the streets mainly asphalt paved (length of 20 km) as well as the network of local and non-categorized roads in total length of 400 km, out of which more than 230 asphalt paved. The whole territory of the Živinice municipality and its settlements is covered with the electricity network and fixed telephone network. Electricity network includes: distribution network, high-voltage distribution and low-voltage distribution. The main industrial power consumers (the coal mines of Djurdjevik and Dubrave and the Airport) are supllied directly from the 110 kV low-voltage network. The electricity for the business community and households is brought through the main distribution transformer station in Živinice of 35/10 kV and from there, through the system of the 10kV mainly ground (underground lines only in the town of Živinice) power line to all settlements in the municipality and further on through the low-voltage power lines from the transformer stations of 10/0,4kV.

PTT fixed network is installed in all settlements of the municipality, part of it ground and about a half underground. In recent years, the reconstruction works have been intensified introducing optical cables between main and local PTT switch.


Investment locations  [Top]
There are four investment location offering favorable conditions to the potential investors:
1. Novi grad- accross the main road M18 Tuzla -Sarajevo
2. Culjuge II
3. Industrial Zone "Maline"
4. Urban part "Riba"

For all additional information, contact the Entrepreneurship and Inspection Service.

Contact  [Top]
Općina Živinice
Alije Izetbegovića 28
75270 Živinice

Tel: 035 775 511, 774 011, 775 150,
fax : 772 125

e-mail: info@opcinazivinice.org

Contact persons:
1. Mayor : Mr. sci. Hasan Muratović
2. Entrepreneurship and Inspection Service Head: Dr sci. Fehrić Fahrudin
3. Public Utility and Housing Department Head:Enes Glavinić
4. General Administration and Social Affaire Head:Salkan Butković
5. Head of Geodetic and Property and Legal Affairs:Asim Aljić
6. Head of the Service for War Veterans and Invalid Care:Ćazim Hadžić
7. Head of the Budget and Finances:Derviša Karalić
8. Head of the Department for Refugees and Displaced:Sead Konjević
9. Civil Protection:Enver Jukić
10. Municipal Council:President: Hamdija MumićSecretary: Suad Avdagić
11. Public Attorney:Zoran Mišić

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